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Superior Botanicals from Trusted Sources

A medicinal plant is only as good as the terrain in which it's grown. We select only certified organic and sustainably wildcrafted botanicals grown in pristine environments and cultivated by ecologically-minded farmers. We work closely with local organic farmers and environmentally-conscious growers in Europe and South America to ensure our ingredients are of the highest, purest quality.

Many herbal tea companies choose not to divulge the source of their ingredients. We believe you should know where the tea you are drinking is grown and are proud to highlight the source countries of our botanicals. Check each tea product page for the origin of each ingredient.

Whole Leaf Plant Ingredients

Our herbs, roots, barks and flowers come to you in their least processed state. Rather than using tea bags that contain powdered plant "dust," we work with whole leaf herbs to preserve the medicinal properties and flavors of the plants.

Unique, Medicinal Botanicals

We seek to broaden the herbal tea repertoire, bringing you hard-to-find medicinal herbs grown locally and abroad, including unique rainforest remedies used by indigenous healers for thousands of years.

Therapeutic, Healing Formulas

Drawing upon global herbal traditions, a wealth of plant research studies, and the wisdom of modern-day master herbalists, our therapeutic-strength teas are formulated to gently support the body's innate healing abilities.

Pleasing to the Palate

Medicinal tea doesn't have to be a hard to swallow, bitter concoction. Our teas are masterfully blended to please the palate with harmonious, aromatic flavors. We never add any flavorings, giving you the purest, most direct experience of plant essence.

Handcrafted, Artisanal Teas

Each bag of Transcendent Tea is a true artisan creation, blended and packaged by hand and with love in small batches in California.


Our Story

The extraordinary healing power of herbs has always held an important place in my day-to-day life, and never more so than when faced with the overwhelming health challenges of Lyme Disease. Herbal remedies were an integral part of my treatment, but at the end of some of my roughest days, what I most longed for was a sacred time when I could transcend whatever was ailing me. With a long-time passion for blending herbal teas, I began experimenting with infusions of some of the very plants that made up my herbal protocol. Being in direct contact with the scents, textures and beauty of these medicinal plants in their raw state opened up an entire other layer of healing. It was one particular plant – the stunning Amazonian mulungu tree – that shed light on a path out of the darkness of my illness. With an otherworldly flavor and mellowing effect, a brew of the mulungu bark lifted my spirit and provided a transformational moment.

In partnership with my husband - a lifelong student of ethnobotany and devoted plant hunter –the idea for Transcendent Tea was born. With input and inspiration from contemporary herbalist Stephen Buhner, and years of research into indigenous herbal traditions and scientific plant studies, the blends for Transcendent Tea came together. We hope our synergistic teas bring you new sensory experiences of the transcendent power of plants, and their healing power within.

Marie Walker & Ezra Kohn